About Us

After owning the Sicilian Caffe from 1988 to 1994, Pietro and Mimma Gumina decide to take a few years off to enjoy their grand children. Now that the kids are grown up, they’re back and the food is better than ever!

With dishes like Osso Buco, Caponata, Rigatoni Carbonara, Fettucine alla Siciliana, Angel Hair Con Calamaretti and our famour Chicken Braciola & Scampi Alla Veneziana you’ll feel like you’re back in sicily.

Our beautiful dining room seats over 100 comfortably and is the perfect spot for a romantic evening, a fantastic dinner with family or a great time with friends. The Sicilian Ristorante, Italian Restaurant is also the perfect spot for rehearsal dinners or family events.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to the Sicilian Ristorante, Italian Restaurant and enjoy our great food today!

And remember our motto:

“Dining Sicilian style is almost like making love; you really must take the time to enjoy it!”